Kunio Restaurant Review

Kunio Restaurant Review

There is so much diversification on the island of Oahu. As for restaurants, we have a great mix of them, from Hawaiian to Indian food, we’ve got them all! Whatever it is you’re craving, we’ve got at least one place on the island somewhere. Now if you enjoy some good old fashion Japanese food in a contemporary restaurant, I have a place you should check out, thats if ofcourse, if you haven’t eaten there already.

This gem is located in the Waikele area. It’s name…Kunio Restauarnt. It is a Japanese cuisine with fresh seafood, a bar, and sushi. Its great for the whole family or for a first date. Be warned though, call in advance and reserve a table. If not you could wait some time to eat.

I have been to Kunio quite a few times already but I will reel you in with my last experience I had there with a friend of mine to celebrate starting his tree removal business. I don’t usually mind waiting twenty minutes or so for a table so my date and I just sit outside and talk about how hungry we are for some Ikura (fish egg sushi) and green tea. They call us in and bring us to the back of restaurant, which we have never been before. They have a separated room from the dining room area for parties but this night they must have been busy because we were seated in there. How interesting it was to be told to remove your shoes before entering the room. (My date had such nice shoes on too!) The decor is really nice. The bamboo, the music, and the sound of the sushi chef lightly chopping here and there makes you feel like you are in another place. Noise level is balanced, not too loud and not too quiet either.  (more…)

The Brewseum Review

The Brewseum Hawaii Review

If you love partying with your friends with the most delicious beer, you come to The Brewseum. Many beer lovers find satisfaction in this bar. This review will show you in complete detail everything that you want to learn about this business.

About the Bar

The Brewseum is one of the most famous pubs that you can visit in Hawaii. Located in the heart of the city of Honolulu, this bar offers you just about everything that you want. Cool and pleasant ambience, beer, excellent customer service, friendly staffs, affordable pricing, etc… you can get all of these things with The Brewseum.

The Ultimate Surprise for You (more…)

Azure Restaurant Review

Azure Restaurant Review

While it is only understandable for people to look for a restaurant that offers good food, sometimes, it’s not just enough to make the experience more than satisfactory. Great meals must also be paired with great service and equally great location and Azure Restaurant can give you all of these and more.

With its setting located in one of those cabanas found on Royal Hawaiian’s beach, Azure Restaurant exudes of romanticism right from the moment that you set foot in the place, complete with the relaxing sight and sound of the beach nearby.

There are a lot of good things that customers love about the place. For starters, they offer the most attentive and excellent service, which is probably the best that you can ever find in the whole of Hawaii. At Azure Restaurant, you can expect for a topnotch and professional service from their professional waiters that always have a happy smile on their faces. They are also very knowledgeable and friendly about every single day that they will serve to you.

Azure Restaurant Hawaii Review (more…)

Fia Fia Luau Review

Fia Fia Luau Review

Fia Fia Luau is offering a bit of a niche among all luaus on Oahu. It might be described as boutique-ish due to being small, and the buffet offerings are quite more gourmet but it is one of the best places to go during vacation. Fia Fia Luau is providing all the things that you can expect in a Luau, a shell lei greeting, cultural demonstration, sunset ocean view, tasty traditional dinner, tropical drinks, and colorful Polynesian music and dance. They are certainly offering all those features, but the thing that sets it apart is the master of ceremonies.

A performer will greet you when you arrive at the FIa Fia Luau. You will either receive a shell or flower lei when you enter. The first stop is taking a photo with Chief Sielu, together with the other performers of the show. You will then be showed to your set, encountered to walk around and learn more regarding the Polynesian cultures. For a family adventure, the kids will get in line for complimentary tattoos and someone will teach them how to start a fire. You will also see special tables with souvenirs for sale and Hawaiian crafts.

Hawaii Fia Fia Luau Review (more…)

Honolulu Night Market Review

Honolulu Night Market Review

As perfect for trendy kind of families, Honolulu Night Market is a block party featuring art exhibit from the current and coming local artists, several food vendors, local entertainment, and local shop owners selling their products. Moreover, Honolulu Night Market adds a new attraction to their month-to-month lineup. Every year, their year kicks off with new features, food trucks, vendors, and a whole lot more.

The Entertainment

The music most commonly starts on 7:30 to 7:50 in the evening. Performers do an exhibition and high-energy performances in the fashion show alley. There are duos performing, there are bands, and there are solos. You will be able to find all the fun in music that you are looking for in your journeys and adventures. Especially during summer, you are not limited in the number of unique performances and talented singers. They are not only talented, but they are also hotties, so for those who travel alone, you may be able to meet the one for you. There are many people attending the performances in Honolulu Night Market especially when it comes to music. Many teenagers and solo travelers go straight to these amazing performances.

The entertainment does not stop at the music. (more…)

Sushi Sasabune Review

Sushi Sasabune Review

There are many restaurants that emphasize the positive and they want you to know that they will do anything, within the scope of what’s in the kitchen and the bounds of reason in order to accommodate your entire desires. Then there’s the Sushi Sasabune, which tells you that you are entering a different kind of world – a white-walked corner with nearly severe lack of adornment – in which the engagement rules are mostly unwavering and established.  (more…)

Battleship Missouri Memorial Review

Battleship Missouri Memorial Review

Battleship Missouri Memorial Review Honolulu, Hawaii

The Battleship Missouri Memorial is the most famous battleship in the whole world. Being in this kind of place is a huge honor and you’re lucky enough to know that they are offering 2 daily tours with so much to explore on your own. General Admission ticket includes the main tour that will take you to the same spot where WWII has ended and is completely ADA accessible. The second tour is the “The Heart of Missouri” that will take you deeper inside the ship’s inner workings including the gun turrets and engine rooms. The “The heart of Missouri” tour is not open to kids below 10 and not ADA accessible.

There is no near store near the battleship that’s why it’s highly recommended to bring bottled beverages during the visit in order to keep yourself hydrated. In addition to that, it is also suggested to wear closed toed shoes for self-protection and take extra care when you are moving through the passageways and doorways with low ceilings. The safety briefings are also part of the tour in order for you to obtain a satisfying experience.

The General Admission Ticket (more…)

Ono Seafood Review

Ono Seafood Hawaii Review

In most places where Poke is sold, they usually made Poke in advance on the large service pans, displayed in the refrigerator cases. The problem in doing this is that when customers don’t get in the restaurant early, in the time it was just made, after a few hours of sitting, the salt in added in marinade will eventually cook the raw delicate fish, and cause to stiffen and lose its buttery texture. Furthermore the onion will get soggy also and the moisture in first will escape and make a watery marinade, which in other words means “not a good Poke”.

One popular Poke restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii was said to offer the best Poke in place, and that is the Ono Seafood. Ono Seafood is a small store that is located Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii. Their store is too small that a sneeze or blink can already lead to missing it. The most recognizable landmark in order to help you find their store is the Shell Gas Station, where they are just next door the Makai-bound.

Ono Seafood Restaurant Review

Upon entering (more…)

Highway Inn Review

Highway In Waipahu

Highway Inn is tucked along a massive range of Filipino businesses in Waipahu. The food there is what you would expect it would taste – very delicious. When you try different food items in different location, you will taste that the flavors are very juicy and consistent. No matter whether it is your affinity for local foods, or perhaps it is the local touch, either way, you will definitely enjoy eating it. The atmosphere in this place is reminiscent of that in plantation village house, but they are retro-fitted with the modern amenities. It is reflecting in the workers being like a part of the community too. They are welcoming, warm, and happy to help. It sure have lots of history running through the wall, and being able to be here since 1940s, they are continuously sharing their history with revelers from all throughout the state and other countries now, and for the years to come. (more…)

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