Kunio Restaurant Review

Kunio Restaurant Review

There is so much diversification on the island of Oahu. As for restaurants, we have a great mix of them, from Hawaiian to Indian food, we’ve got them all! Whatever it is you’re craving, we’ve got at least one place on the island somewhere. Now if you enjoy some good old fashion Japanese food in a contemporary restaurant, I have a place you should check out, thats if ofcourse, if you haven’t eaten there already.

This gem is located in the Waikele area. It’s name…Kunio Restauarnt. It is a Japanese cuisine with fresh seafood, a bar, and sushi. Its great for the whole family or for a first date. Be warned though, call in advance and reserve a table. If not you could wait some time to eat.

I have been to Kunio quite a few times already but I will reel you in with my last experience I had there with a friend of mine to celebrate starting his tree removal business. I don’t usually mind waiting twenty minutes or so for a table so my date and I just sit outside and talk about how hungry we are for some Ikura (fish egg sushi) and green tea. They call us in and bring us to the back of restaurant, which we have never been before. They have a separated room from the dining room area for parties but this night they must have been busy because we were seated in there. How interesting it was to be told to remove your shoes before entering the room. (My date had such nice shoes on too!) The decor is really nice. The bamboo, the music, and the sound of the sushi chef lightly chopping here and there makes you feel like you are in another place. Noise level is balanced, not too loud and not too quiet either. 

Now to talk about the most important part about this review, the food. I always order the same thing, nothing changes. Its just that good. I order the Miso Butter Fish combo. It comes in its own bento box with rice and salad. But before the bento box comes out, they come with a mini, three compartment plate with there very delicious appetizers for you to taste before your meal comes. You will also get miso soup with this as well. By the time I’m done with these my meal is usually hot and ready. My date gets Mixed Tempura which is delicious too by the way. You can order other things such as Udon noodles, sushi, alcohol, but usually after our meals we are stuffed. They have dessert too but to be honest, the food portioning doesn’t leave me with much room for it. But I’m not complaining.

Kunio Restaurant Review Hawaii

We finish our meal with a bit of laughter and green tea and ask for the bill. We tip our waiter nicely for she did checked up on us frequently and kept our glasses full. Service is always great at Kunio. Just writing this review is making me crave for some Kunio. So…I’ve got one question you. What’s your weapon of choice, Chopstick or Fork?

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