Azure Restaurant Review

Azure Restaurant Review

While it is only understandable for people to look for a restaurant that offers good food, sometimes, it’s not just enough to make the experience more than satisfactory. Great meals must also be paired with great service and equally great location and Azure Restaurant can give you all of these and more.

With its setting located in one of those cabanas found on Royal Hawaiian’s beach, Azure Restaurant exudes of romanticism right from the moment that you set foot in the place, complete with the relaxing sight and sound of the beach nearby.

There are a lot of good things that customers love about the place. For starters, they offer the most attentive and excellent service, which is probably the best that you can ever find in the whole of Hawaii. At Azure Restaurant, you can expect for a topnotch and professional service from their professional waiters that always have a happy smile on their faces. They are also very knowledgeable and friendly about every single day that they will serve to you.

Azure Restaurant Hawaii Review

The place also offers easy parking wherein you will park in a parking structure similar to that of high end hotels. The restaurant will first validate your ticket and depending on the length of your stay, there is a very affordable fee that you will need to pay if you will be on the premises for a longer period of time.

Since the place’s location is on the Royal Hawaiian, it is not a big surprise that this is a classy, beautiful and elegant restaurant. It boasts of high ceilings and the lighting used is also very nice. The restaurant offers breathtaking views of the beach shoreline and even in the darkness, it is very easy to see the expanse of the ocean and hear the crashing sounds of the waves.

Being a very busy and popular dining place, it is always wise to book the reservation several weeks in advance. They also offer wine pairing with their tasting menu and the best thing is that the restaurant is not skimpy with the wine, something that is very nice if you really want to enjoy the drink.

Azure Hawaii Review

Azure Restaurant makes sure that every course that will be served to you is something that will give you the best out of your money. Some of the meals included in their menu are Roasted Butternut Soup with Kona Lobster, Hamachi Sashimi, Pumpkin Panna Cotta, Kona Lobster Chowder, Hawaii Rancher’s Beef Filet & Foie Gras, Grilled Herb Onaga, Grilled Kauai Prawns and so much more. These dishes and the rest in the menu are all made and prepared to perfection and guaranteed tastefully delicious with nice presentations.

Whether you are in Hawaii for a short vacation or a long term stay, Azure Restaurant is one of the few places that can make you feel pampered from start to finish, thanks to their all too wonderful location and the more than amazing meals that will surely blow you away.

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