Fia Fia Luau Review

Fia Fia Luau Review

Fia Fia Luau is offering a bit of a niche among all luaus on Oahu. It might be described as boutique-ish due to being small, and the buffet offerings are quite more gourmet but it is one of the best places to go during vacation. Fia Fia Luau is providing all the things that you can expect in a Luau, a shell lei greeting, cultural demonstration, sunset ocean view, tasty traditional dinner, tropical drinks, and colorful Polynesian music and dance. They are certainly offering all those features, but the thing that sets it apart is the master of ceremonies.

A performer will greet you when you arrive at the FIa Fia Luau. You will either receive a shell or flower lei when you enter. The first stop is taking a photo with Chief Sielu, together with the other performers of the show. You will then be showed to your set, encountered to walk around and learn more regarding the Polynesian cultures. For a family adventure, the kids will get in line for complimentary tattoos and someone will teach them how to start a fire. You will also see special tables with souvenirs for sale and Hawaiian crafts.

Hawaii Fia Fia Luau Review

After a little entertainment, which is always welcoming audience participation, the chief will bless your meal, and there are 2 large line ups being formed for the buffet style dinner, which will be included in your Luau experience. You will be amazed at the main buffet spread; they are very impressive. You will find poi and they will explain to you how you can completely enjoy it. Other great main dishes include island fish, Kailua pork, and salads. The Fia Fia Luau has also great keiki buffet with macaroni, peanut butter, and spaghetti, as well as jam sandwiches. As soon as you are done with your main course, you are headed over to the desert buffet for a variety of tea, coffee, and cakes.

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Every ticket includes 2 complimentary drinks. When the sun sets, the real show will start. Form the very beginning; you will be able to see that it is a very special show. The costumes are striking and the dancing is amazing. Each performer is absolutely dedicated and they really enjoy what they do. One of the highlights that you may experience is the Blue Hawaii dance. At the end of the show, there are the fire-knife dancers. Three of the fire knife dancers are World Fire Knife Champions.

The charismatic Chief Sielu Avea is leading the Fia Fia. Together with the chief, the performers takes guests on the journey through South Pacific. Each show is unscripted and different, but they always have a good look at Polynesian culture. It is the only recurring show, which has eight fire-knife dancers in the blazing finale. The admission is very cost effective for the entire event, which includes a buffet. The Fia Fia Luau is a wonderful experience for the entire family. As soon as you arrive, you will feel special and you know that you will have a great time. Everyone involved with the show is welcoming, kind, and really wants everyone to have a great time.

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