Honolulu Night Market Review

Honolulu Night Market Review

As perfect for trendy kind of families, Honolulu Night Market is a block party featuring art exhibit from the current and coming local artists, several food vendors, local entertainment, and local shop owners selling their products. Moreover, Honolulu Night Market adds a new attraction to their month-to-month lineup. Every year, their year kicks off with new features, food trucks, vendors, and a whole lot more.

The Entertainment

The music most commonly starts on 7:30 to 7:50 in the evening. Performers do an exhibition and high-energy performances in the fashion show alley. There are duos performing, there are bands, and there are solos. You will be able to find all the fun in music that you are looking for in your journeys and adventures. Especially during summer, you are not limited in the number of unique performances and talented singers. They are not only talented, but they are also hotties, so for those who travel alone, you may be able to meet the one for you. There are many people attending the performances in Honolulu Night Market especially when it comes to music. Many teenagers and solo travelers go straight to these amazing performances.

The entertainment does not stop at the music. There is also the fashion show. The Refresh fashion show features urban sportswear, which usually starts at 8:00 in the evening. If you are done looking at the talented and good looking male performers, you now have the chance to see the beauty of Hawaii, as well as the creative fashion they have and being introduced. There are not only sportswear, but there are also the swimming wear, gowns, dresses, and many other, from casual to formal. There women are stunning with these creative and trendy clothes. You can even buy the ones you liked. The other highlights also include abstract magazine, local items showcase, books, jewelries, tees with novelty buttons, cartoon characters, and stickers, and so much more that you can grab while you are at the Honolulu Night Market.

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Moreover, there are the shopping centers selling insulated water bottles, contemporary women’s fashion, pop-up nail bar, tops, swimwear, Alyssa Wooten, women and men’s streetwear, hats, shirts, retail, accessories, clothing, and handmade jewelries. They are also selling gicleees, originals, matted prints, surfboard art, wood block, and jewelries from reclaimed items, vintage Hawaiian clothing, and so much more from 19 or more different types of shops.

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You have a wide selection of foods to taste. The most popular is the Ho-oku’i Catering, with the special dish “Inihaw”. “Inihaw” is a Filipino word, which means to grill. You can enjoy an evening of traditional Filipino backyard cooking of grilled meats with Abraham Jazmin’s modern touch. You can also avail Hawaii Perks Discount. You can use your card at Honolulu Night Market and you will receive 1 dollar off for each 9 dollars you spent at a food vendor.

Honolulu Night Market Food

Whether you are traveling alone, having a vacation with your family, celebrating birthday with friends, taking time alone with your partner, the unlimited things that you can do in Honolulu Night Market makes every memory spent well in Hawaii.

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