Sushi Sasabune Review

Sushi Sasabune Review

There are many restaurants that emphasize the positive and they want you to know that they will do anything, within the scope of what’s in the kitchen and the bounds of reason in order to accommodate your entire desires. Then there’s the Sushi Sasabune, which tells you that you are entering a different kind of world – a white-walked corner with nearly severe lack of adornment – in which the engagement rules are mostly unwavering and established. 

The Sushi Sasabune wants their customers to know this right off, that’s why there is a sign outside their front door saying a litany of negativity: no a-la-carte ordering for the groups of people larger than four, the children are discouraged to sit at the sushi bar, and certainly no colorful sushi rolls have migrated into the supermarket salad bars. However, there’s another sign inside with a gentler tone saying:” Today’s Special: Trust Me.” This gets you to the fuller picture, which is Sasabune us not just trying to bend you according to its will. It is trying to treat to in accordance with its vision, letting you benefit from its judgment. In world of Omakase, the kindness and sternness overlap, and a slap is considered as caress.

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Since the opening of Sushi Sasabune, they are only serving the Omakase Menu. In Omakase menu, you are supposed to trust the chef, and they will be the one to decide what you will eat, and the order in which you will eat it, sending you the slices of sashimi in tart version of ponze sauce, and toru sushi pieces with no gloss or sauce at all.  The intent on determining is not only in the sequence but also in the seasoning. The chef will let you know exactly what he thinks you shouldn’t and should do to the fish that’s in front of you.

Sushi Sasabune exemplifies a kind of sushi experience and restaurant: the simple, tiny, serene refuge that can inspire a group of devotees, who equate the instruction with surrender, enlightenment with liberation. Another reason why Sushi Sasabune is a noteworthy restaurant because while the $60 or so per person charge for omakase menu is not in expensive, the quality and amount of sushi they money buys represent a completely fair deal as compared with the same meals at the like-minded restaurants.

The Omakase meal at Sushi Sasabune usually comprised of more than a dozen pieces of sashimi or sushi, including the sea scallop and Spanish mackerel. After the crab roll, the chef will permit some requests, which would adjust the bill upward accordingly. Overall, the food and the services they provide are surely worth your time and money. According to the owner of Sushi Sasabune, as their restaurant evolves, they may allow the a la carte ordering from the beginning of the meal. However, with the positive response they acquire from their customer it’s highly doubtful to get them to that kind of point. They obviously prefer to call shots, and with the fish this fine, he has earned that right.

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