Ono Seafood Review

Ono Seafood Hawaii Review

In most places where Poke is sold, they usually made Poke in advance on the large service pans, displayed in the refrigerator cases. The problem in doing this is that when customers don’t get in the restaurant early, in the time it was just made, after a few hours of sitting, the salt in added in marinade will eventually cook the raw delicate fish, and cause to stiffen and lose its buttery texture. Furthermore the onion will get soggy also and the moisture in first will escape and make a watery marinade, which in other words means “not a good Poke”.

One popular Poke restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii was said to offer the best Poke in place, and that is the Ono Seafood. Ono Seafood is a small store that is located Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii. Their store is too small that a sneeze or blink can already lead to missing it. The most recognizable landmark in order to help you find their store is the Shell Gas Station, where they are just next door the Makai-bound.

Ono Seafood Restaurant Review

Upon entering the Ono Seafood store, you will notice a clear refrigerator on your left that is stocked with many different smoked and dried seafood pupus. Another refrigerator will be noticed next to service counter, where slabs of Ahi to be sliced up and whole tako are stored for the made to order Poke. What’s good at Ono Seafood is that their Poke is always made to order using online top quality and fresh ingredients.

Currently, their Ahi Poke is priced at $12 per pound, which might seem high end to you, but you need to believe that this poke is completely worth every single ounce, up to the very last little piece. By looking at the center-bottom of menu, you can find the ingredients to be used for your poke. Very effective, yet so simple. You can chose Green Onion, White Onion, Chili Pepper, Hawaiian Salt, Sesame Oil, Kukui Nut, Shoyu and Ogo. You can possibly choose all of those mentioned, or just some of it. It’s all up to you and for your information, it is all included in the $12 per pound price. After making your order, they will quickly mix the ingredients in mixing bowl, putting it in a container, weigh it and it is already done. The ordering process is done very fast.

It would be better to order at least a pound in Ono Seafood. After a bite, you will surely want more. Their Poke is without a doubt the best Ahi Poke in Honolulu, the entire island, or even in the whole world. The ingredients they offer make a magical combination; the chili pepper, aroma from sesame oil, and the crunchy texture of ogo and onions. With their top quality Ahi, everything will just melt in your mouth. The freshness of their made to order process is incomparable and they are very consistent, that’s why you can consider them, Ono Seafood, the best Poke seller around the world.

Ono Seafood Review

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