Battleship Missouri Memorial Review

Battleship Missouri Memorial Review

Battleship Missouri Memorial Review Honolulu, Hawaii

The Battleship Missouri Memorial is the most famous battleship in the whole world. Being in this kind of place is a huge honor and you’re lucky enough to know that they are offering 2 daily tours with so much to explore on your own. General Admission ticket includes the main tour that will take you to the same spot where WWII has ended and is completely ADA accessible. The second tour is the “The Heart of Missouri” that will take you deeper inside the ship’s inner workings including the gun turrets and engine rooms. The “The heart of Missouri” tour is not open to kids below 10 and not ADA accessible.

There is no near store near the battleship that’s why it’s highly recommended to bring bottled beverages during the visit in order to keep yourself hydrated. In addition to that, it is also suggested to wear closed toed shoes for self-protection and take extra care when you are moving through the passageways and doorways with low ceilings. The safety briefings are also part of the tour in order for you to obtain a satisfying experience.

The General Admission Ticket

With the General Admission Ticket, you will be welcomed to choose from 4 choices in order to explore the Battleship Missouri Memorial. You can choose one that perfectly suits your interest, or if possible, you can choose them all if you have enough time.

  • 35 Minute Guided Tour – Take an educational tour with a knowledgeable tour guide. In this guided tour, you will hear and see the main historical points of the battleship, which includes the surrender Deck. After the 35 minute tour, you will be allowed to explore the ship on your own at your own leisure time.
  • Acoustiguide Audio Tour – you can explore the ship by using the informational audio phone. Available in Japanese, Korean, and English language, you can spend your 45 to 90 minutes in learning about the technical and historical aspects of Missouri.
  • Explore on your own – this option lets you to do the exploration on your own. You will be given a map and will be guided by the information signs that are around the ship. If you have any questions about the ship, the staffs and tour guides are always available around the ship to answer your questions, or give you the right directions.

Battleship Missouri Memorial Tour Review

The Heart of Missouri Tour

The Heart of Missouri Tour include 75 to 90 minutes of tour that will take you into the ship’s engineering spaces, giving you a personal and up close look of the ship’s inner workings. This will also grant you an access inside the engine rooms, the Broadway, Damage Control Central Station, Gun Turret#1, Aft Battery Plot Room, and Fire Room #4.

This kind of tour is physically strenuous and isn’t really recommended for people with mobility constraints as you will be needed to climb ten sets of narrow, steep stairs, step over 12-foot high obstacles, and navigate through the low overheads and tight doorways.

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