Highway Inn Review

Highway In Waipahu

Highway Inn is tucked along a massive range of Filipino businesses in Waipahu. The food there is what you would expect it would taste – very delicious. When you try different food items in different location, you will taste that the flavors are very juicy and consistent. No matter whether it is your affinity for local foods, or perhaps it is the local touch, either way, you will definitely enjoy eating it. The atmosphere in this place is reminiscent of that in plantation village house, but they are retro-fitted with the modern amenities. It is reflecting in the workers being like a part of the community too. They are welcoming, warm, and happy to help. It sure have lots of history running through the wall, and being able to be here since 1940s, they are continuously sharing their history with revelers from all throughout the state and other countries now, and for the years to come.

The latest location of Highway Inn in Kaka’ako is somewhat different from the original location they have in Waipahu. It has more modern interior design, bigger, and has different feels as well. However, the food is just as good. They are known for their traditional Hawaiian fare, but they are also offering many classical local island favorites. The picnic tables are perfect for family affair, especially with children because they will have space to walk around without a need to get in the way of everyone. It is located at the back of the restaurant, and there is also a flat screen television.

Highway Inn Kakaako

Highway Inn never fails to satisfy their customers every time they crave from Hawaiian food. For tourists who want to have a taste of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, this place is a must. If you are away from the beach and looking for some traditional Hawaiian fares, Highway Inn is a great spot. Even if you are a person who does not really Poi, but when the Lau Lau has been perfectly cooked and looked delicious in its leafy, green wrap, there will never be a “not a cup of tea” things with Poi. The food is served in a tray reminiscent of a cafeteria lunch tray at school. It also came with sweet potatoes, which are really great, as well as a coconut dessert that is also very delicious.

As you will be able to find great Hawaiian foods at Highway Inn, you can walk away with a happy and full tummy. The wait is all worth the price and taste, as well as the customer support. As soon as you get seated, you will be served by the waiters and waitresses greatly. The Lau Lau hit the spot, and so as with the Loco Moco. Furthermore, the gravy is really tasty at the Loco Moco. There are so many other Hawaiian that you can taste to feel like a real Hawaiian and have to understand their culture a bit. Even though the parking lot is quite limited, you can park on other areas to see the beauty of the surroundings of Highway Inn. Moreover, the reason for limitation is their in demand dishes.

Being around since 1940s, this Hawaiian restaurant has been really able to capture the heart of Hawaiians, and tourists!

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